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First-of-Its-Kind Art Installation Appears to Levitate the Tip of a Giza Pyramid

See stunning photos of new contemporary art installations at the historic Egyptian plateau, including an illusion by street artist JR


Why Dragons Dominated the Landscape of Medieval Monsters

June 10

The Secret Excavation of Jerusalem

June 10

Santa's Hiring! Here's How to Become a Christmas Elf in Finland

June 10

Richly Adorned Egyptian Tomb Could Rewrite the History of Mummification

Image by Jeremy Bezanger
Camel and Pyramids
Image by S O C I A L . C U T

Taste One of the World’s Oldest Beers and See an Original Pirate Flag in This Scandinavian Archipelago

Image by Jeff Sheldon
Image by christian buehner

Abdulrazak Gurnah Is Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature

Small Airplane

Your Guide to the Best Islands in the Stockholm Archipelago

With endless dining options and plenty of things to do, it can be easy to pass the entirety of your Stockholm vacation exploring the city, eating,

These Tiny, Car-free Swedish Islands Are Your New Dream Summer Destination

The Swedes have a word for it: smultronställe. Literally "wild strawberry spot," it's best translated as a quiet, almost mystically beautiful haven, somewhere hidden away from the rest of the world — a place that feels like it exists only for you. I knew the term from studying Swedish in college, but the meaning never sank in until I traveled to South Koster Island last year for a taste of how the Swedes summer. Though it's less than three hours by car and ferry from either Oslo or Göteborg, the Koster archipelago, which sits within a protected marine preserve off Sweden's wild western coast, feels light-years away from Scandinavia's legendary coolness.

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