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Motion Work

Mini 3 Door Hatch // Europe

Mid 2020 I travelled to Europe and undertook this project that is now in the circulation of online advertising with Mini Germany. A collaborative effort with Jessie McCall we travelled from Copenhagen, through the Italian Dolomites and finally to Florence to see what the Mini Cooper could do.

Why we make films.

Fēlan Films 2019 Showreel. From a year where travelling was normal and all of our commercial productions went ahead without fail. Narrated by me, Andy and in collaboration with Un.Studio's audio efforts, this is a showcase of my directing and photographic skills, combined with the collaborative efforts of Wiltshire Creatives graphic design, outlining just some of the commercial work we have produced together.

Starward Two-Fold Launch Film

We were excited to create an Australian whisky video with Starward, who were releasing their
new Two-Fold edition. We shot an interview in Melbourne with Starward founder David Vitali
who discussed the production process of their latest award-winning whisky. And yes, we
definitely sampled a few drams after we’d wrapped. You would have done too.

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